Cool Places – About this blog

When people out of area ask me where I live and I tell them, there are four standard responses:

  1. Where’s that?
  2. Isn’t it full of hippy lesbian artists?
  3. Isn’t it full of rich people off the telly?
  4. Ooh! Nice for walking – I go to Hardcastle Craggs.

All of these reactions amuse me, but the fourth one most of all. If I think there is the remotest chance that the person will take me at my word and come and explore, I nod vaguely in agreement. Only occasionally do I correct them and point out that there are countless scenic walks in these parts, of which Hardcastle Craggs is the most populous and thus generally avoided by those of us in the know.

In fine weather, me and my partner spend a lot of our time at weekends out amongst the numerous cloughs, woods and hills around town. We also both take lots of photos.  In this blog I aim to give you a sense of these walks by combining a sample of my photos with a description of the route.

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