Common Bank to Nutclough Circular

Nutclough glen 2 This year, the late September sun felt more like summer than autumn. Emerging from the still-green Common Bank Wood, we traversed the small stream and stayed on the top path to see how far we could go. The small hillside field provided a perfect isolated spot for a topless man and his wolf-dog to partake in a spot of sunbathing.

Rowland Lane 1We followed a signed path as far as possible but again were thwarted by barbed wire. We walked back to the stream and staying on the left-hand side, walked up a lovely path flanked by livestock fields on both sides. The goats eyed us warily. Emerging onto Wadsworth Lane, we came across a bumper crop of blackberries and filled two tubs with the lush fruits. After resting on a bench at the corner, we took a flight of steps and turned left into Rowland Lane.

More brambles and fantastic views of Old Town and Heptonstall awaited us. We continued along the pretty well-kept lane to the next junction and dropped down onto Sandy Gate Lane. Stopping again to harvest berries, a couple I knew from dance classes came by and we chatted awhile.

Nutclough descent 1We then carried on until we found a gap in the hedgerow leading to a dappled footpath into Nutclough woods. Taking time to capture the picturesque scene of the bridge bedecked in copper beech leaves, we crossed over and turned left onto the steep path leading down to the old mill ponds.

It looked totally different again!  The stepping stones had been augmented with recycled tree stumps; the small islands were covered in lush vegetation; brown mushrooms sprouted in dank corners. We enjoyed the tranquil scene for some time before crossing back over the stepping stones and continued down the path.

We came onto Keighley road and descended into town. We both agreed that it had been a lovely circular walk and marvelled that it had taken us three hours!

More photos at: Creek 3


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