Wild Encounters in Widdop

Linnet 1On a couple of occasions, we have stayed on the community bus right up to Widdop reservoir. The first time, we walked back down along Ridehalgh Lane. The moors scenery is so different from the landscape only a short distance downhill, and it seemed strange that we were only a few miles from home.

Packhorse Inn 2We thought we might stop for a drink in the Packhorse Inn but it had just shut in true Yorkshire hospitality style (sic).  Instead, we carried on to Blake Dean where we lingered awhile before continuing our downhill walk.

On our second visit, we decided to walk round the reservoir. We found a myriad of interesting subjects to photograph, including windswept trees, weathered rocks and varied wildlife. I managed to get quite a good snap of a Linnet perched on a crumbling stone wall.


Small trees and waterHalfway round, we stopped for a picnic. However, the sheep that had hitherto not seemed interested in us started approaching. I had been attacked by sheep in the past. I became rather anxious and started to make a hasty retreat.

My partner said I was over-reacting but they started following us back down the path and across the wall so I refused to go any further.

Instead, we turned back and took a different path up (part of the Pennine bridleway) which took us up to higher ground.

After admiring the views and overhanging rock formations, we tried to stay up on the heathland.

However, our attempts to find a decent route across were thwarted by tussocks. Eventually, we found a decent path back to the bridleway. When we got to the ridge, the sheep had moved right onto the Bridleway blocking our path.

I weighed up the level of fear I felt about going past the sheep or clambering down the rough hillside. The sheep won. We managed to bypass them and later my partner remarked that he didn’t believe I had clambered down a 1:2 hill. I replied that it didn’t seem that steep, particularly compared to the other option!

Overhanging rock with reflections 1

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