A walk Through Horsehold Wood

Red woods

Horsehold Woods, Hebden Bridge

On the last Sunday in September, we set off on a walk up Horsehold Road.

Rather than following the lane up to the top, we veered off about half way up. A wooden gate led us onto a cute path which in turn led up to a ridge.

Fallen logWe paused here to take in the views of the valley below. We then carried on into Horsehold Woods.

We took our time to absorb the numerous interesting features including twisty trees, fallen branches and rocks covered in lichen. T

he undulating path became tricky in places despite the dry conditions.

We crossed a stream by way of a rickety old wooden bridge into Callis Woods.

Having gingerly navigated the crossing, we stopped for a break and marvelled at how short a distance we had travel yet how many new things we had seen.

A hidden gem indeed!


3 - Misericordia - 4 Calvary cWe repeated this walk on Easter Sunday. After a hot climb, we rested at the ridge where a wooden cross stood.

We marvelled at the fact that someone actually carried it up on Good Friday; no mean feat.   I posited that the road should be re-named Misericordia.



4 - Waterworld - Feeding duck 3The woods and waterfalls looked even prettier than in autumn due to the spring greenery. At one point, we were totally surrounded by waterfalls – magical! We stopped by the side of the stream and watched a duck eating moss in a very methodical fashion. We then carried on along the valley side, becoming confused when the path fizzled out necessitating a slight detour.

Arriving at a ruined building, we found the source of the confusion – a new stream had emerged thus rendering the path impassable.

5 - Trip boat dogDropping down to the canal, we stopped off at the pub.

Supping pints, we enjoyed the Easter Sunday antics including a very cute dog on the trip boat roof, until the temperature dropped towards evening.

More photos at: http://1drv.ms/1246G5E



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